Cobalt blue and turquoise crackle folded flower vase


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This is a beautiful  crackle folded vase.  I enjoy having different insides and outsides so here I used cobalt blue on the outside and turquoise on the inside, complimenting both with vanilla veining.  The iridescent glass I chose for the outside brings a sparkle to the vase in a subtle way, whilst the inside is matt.  I love the way the glass folds as it is draped over the former in its final firing as this makes each one individual.  The folds mean that flowers can be tucked into them and so result in a wider arrangement.  Alternatively the vase is unusual and decorative enough to display on its own.

The dimensions are approximately height 13.5cm, width 17cm and depth 14.5cm. The additional photographs are different angles of the this piece. The final picture is of a similar vase (not this one) with flowers in it for an idea of scale, flowers are white feverfew, marigolds and Michaelmas daisies.