Hot glass has a magic of its own and until recently I was hiring a blowing studio to make my blown glass.  Sadly I no longer do this as arthritis in my hands has become too painful to do the necessary turning of the pipes and shaping of the glass, so once my blown pieces have been sold there will be no more.  I had a wonderful time making these pieces and treasure all the memories and the privilege of being able to work with hot glass.  There is something wonderful and mad about being able to pull, stretch and cut a material that when cold is hard, yet fragile.

Purple and white striped handkerchief vase

This style of vase with its folded down rim is from my Handkerchief range of vases. I particularly enjoy the stripes on this one and the way they emphasis the curve of the belly of the vase. The turned down rim, which reminds me of a draped handkerchief, frames a posy of small flowers well. I made these in various sizes, this one is suitable for a small posy. For more information or to purchase the vase click on the picture.