Fused Glass Folded vases

Elegant vases made by draping the glass over a former to let it fall in folds to make the vase. Again the crackle technique gives a beautiful decoration and the ability to have the inside and outside complement each other. I have used iridescent glass or adventurine glass to give the outside a subtle sparkle. Lovely just as they are or with flowers in them. If you want more details about the vases below then click on the image and it will take you to the shop section of the website where you will find them.

Cobalt blue crackle folded vase
Adventurine blue crackle folded vase

I have used the same draping technique, but with a geometric design and iridised glass to make pieces that can be used either as vases or as sconces for small electronic candle lights. The pictures below show the pieces with a light in them, they are pretty with the flicker of light, but a photograph can’t capture the flicker, only the one moment in time.

Red and green vase or tea light holder
Blue and orange vase or tea light holder

The tea light holder below is smaller than the vases/holders above so is definitely a tea light holder, you can see the sort of little light I supply with them in this one, it also gives an idea of scale.

Blue tea light holder