Gravity Formed Vessels

I currently have two collections of gravity formed vessels, ‘Crackle’ and ‘Warp Speed!’ Both require meticulous attention to detail and multiple firings followed by cold working of the rims.


Mediterranean Crackle, largest of these in the picture above, the picture below shows the three smaller sizes available.

French Vanilla and Egyptian Blue Crackle vessel lined with cobalt. The inside has a matt finish that gives it a velvet like look.


Warp Speed!

These vessels have bold stripes on the outside which have been sandblasted to give a matt surface.  The polka dots on the inside have stretched on the sides giving that ‘go faster’ look.  Sometimes the inside is shiny as in the black piece below, other times the inside is also matt as in the green piece.  Similarly some sit on their side and some are upright.

To see the vessels I currently have for sale follow this link.