Iridescent plates

I have a collection of iridescent plates that have strong geometric designs, either stripes or star patterns. The rainbow iridescent glass on these striped plates brings a sumptuousness to the pieces.

For a larger picture of the pieces click on the photograph, for more information and to buy them follow this link.

Below is one of my star plates, these are based on traditional quilting blocks and require very accurate cutting. This plate has been placed on a white surface so the transparent colours shine out, if it was on a black or dark surface then you would see the iridescence more.

Interlaced star iridescent glass plate

I have three small trinket dishes made with iridized opaque black glass where it is the iridescence that takes the centre stage.

Striped iridescent glass trinket dish
“Checkerboard” iridescent trinket bowl 1
“Checkerboard” iridescent trinket dish 2